Cinderella Vs Tam Brothers Research Paper

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The young woman we all know as Cinderella has been treated cruelly by her stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella usually has a godly or instructive figure that helps guide her along the way of her journey and shows her the way to internal happiness. Throughout all the punishment like sweeping, cleaning, and even picking out lintels out of the ashes she still stays poise, collected and stays true to herself. The “Cinderella” story is known all around the world but, each culture has its own version of the famous Disney story. For example, two popular versions and the versions being compared is the German version (“Grimm Brothers”) and the Vietnamese version (“Tam and Cam”). Both stories have plenty of differences due to them being from different cultures. For example in the German version Cinderella’s sisters cut off parts of their feet so that the slipper can fit them properly. The Vietnamese version has a less gruesome side to it in the fact of Tams little sister Cam is jealous of Tam therefore stealing all of her fish and having the ultimate goal of ruining her childhood. The versions are different but the characters in the stories all have one goal, the goal is to ruin Cinderella’s life. Throughout all the trials and tribulations Cinderella works through all…show more content…
The chores in which the Cinderella character must complete is one the most comparable tasks between the two stories. In the German version, Cinderella must “carry water, make the fires, cook, wash, etc., and pick peas and lentils out of the ashes” (Grimms). The Vietnamese Cinderella had to “rub the floors, cut the wood, feed the animals, do all the cooking, and washing up” (Vietnam). The Cinderella characters have to complete all chores for their stepmother and stepsisters to continue their journey. They not only have to complete these similar tasks but have help for godmother

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