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Aziz Ansari's: Master of None: A Review As the old saying goes, “he is jack of all trades, but a master of none.” You may have seen this “comedy heartthrob” (as he calls himself) on Parks in Recreation as the hilarious, "Tom Haverford.” Aziz Ansari is a comic, actor, self acclaimed foodie, and most recently an author of a book he wrote called, “Modern Romance: navigating relationships in the modern age.” Now, because of this series, Aziz can add writer, producer, and director to his resume. Aziz Ansari’s new show "Master of None” premiered on Netflix last week. This is not Ansari’s first time appearing on the Netflix network. Aziz filmed and premiered his special at Madison Square Garden and released it exclusively thorough Netflix last year. The new series follows Aziz’s character Dev as he navigates modern life. There are recurring themes such as dating, living with technology, handling personal insecurities, looking for success in his career, and his love of food (specifically pasta). This show is a collision of Aziz’s real life and the life of the character. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the character is based on his life but there are many similarities. Aziz uses these similarities to incorporate some of his stand up material into the show. For example, I know from previous Aziz material, he loves twists at…show more content…
He does a good job of developing Dev as a well-rounded individual. Dev is a little insecure, a little indecisive, and therefore just like almost all of us. He often asks his eccentric friends for help and advice. My favorite of Dev’s friends, Arnold, played by Eric Wareheim from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, is a gigantic man child. This overgrown hipster often gives Dev some intriguing advice that some would say is counterintuitive. He is a big oaf while still somehow remaining witty at points. His comic relief provides a good contrast to Dev and his two other friends and

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