Martin Luther's Argument Analysis

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(Josh)Today, on April 17th, 1521 we are gathered before the Diet of Worms in Worms, Germany to discuss the fate of my client, Martin Luther, and the claim that he is a heretic. Luther was charged with heresy on three counts: 1. Development and preaching of heretical doctrines 2. inciting members of the Catholic Church to rebel against the authority and established doctrines of the universal Church and 3. Willful denial of the authority of the Pope and Catholic Church. The allegation that Luther is a heretic and the three counts on which he was charged are incorrect. Evidence that has been uncovered shows proof that Luther is entirely innocent and all charges of heresy should be dropped. Throughout the course of this opening, these three counts…show more content…
This charge is an unjust accusation as his Ninety-Five Theses were never intended to divide the church but to fix it. The church has undeniable problems such as corruption in the selling of indulgences and the pope’s immoral behavior. These church issues should not be left unchallenged and should be notified to the people to know. The purpose of the thesis was not to divide the church but to unite it in a fixing of the church. If people themselves are choosing to separate from the church due to the realization of the unrighteous teachings of the church, then that is a personal doing and not Luther’s doing. The church also needs to realize that some established doctrines are against biblical teachings. For example, the bible says you are saved by grace not by works, meaning that the sales of indulgences is an act against the teachings of Jesus. Another established doctrine is that bibles can only be in Latin. This is against biblical teachings, because this holds back God’s command to spread the word to all nations. How can you spread it if the people can’t read it? That is why Luther is justified to speak against the church and to speak against some established doctrine that go against God. he is justified to choose the bible and God over the pope and the…show more content…
In case this has not been noted, Martin Luther has brought to light actual truth in his ninety- five thesis that has brought even the brightest theologians to question the church. He has shown that the church is not what we thought it was and is actually more corrupt than previously thought. The selling of indulgences has shown that the church has taken advantage of its biblical power and has made mockery of the teachings of Christ by selling salvation, instead of it being personal by faith like the bible states. Martin Luther has not taught heretical subject, but all his subjects follow the teachings of God and the bible. He has established a force to fight corruption of the church, and that is why the separation is necessary. It is not to destroy the Catholic church but to peacefully separate it from a corrupt place, which Christians don’t need. He is not indicting anyone to his beliefs, but if they choose to follow him, that is their choice. His denial of church and the pope is justified. The bible should be trusted, not man. Luther showed that the church was corrupt through indulgences and their false teachings, and this is a deadly offense to the followers of Christ that could take many to hell. Their beliefs and the truth MUST be defended. Separation is the best option to ensure peace and the truth staying preserved. The church themselves are afraid of people finding out the truth, they won’t even let you translate a bible! They know if

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