Describe The Similarities And Differences Between Egyptian And Yeh-Shen

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Cinderella Rough Draft There are many varieties of the Cinderella stories and cultures around the world. The Egyptian and the Chinese variations have many similarities and differences. Both the Egyptian and the Chinese version have one main character. The character is female and are most beautiful of all the other characters. Both Rhodopis from Egypt and Yeh-Shen from China, find friends within animals because they are treated poorly by the other people around them. Also, both girls are forbidden to leave where they are kept so when they were found by their royal husbands, the royal families had to search for them and do not do not find them until they searched through all the kingdom. Rhodopis was kidnapped from Greece when she was young and sold as a slave. Rhodopis was beautiful. Pale skinned, rosy cheeked, golden hair and bright green eyes but was made fun of for being different from the Egyptian girls. Rhodopis also befriended many animals when no one else liked her. One day, her master found her dancing very…show more content…
Yeh-Shen wished she could go to the festival and before she knew it, her rags turned into a beautiful blue gown and golden woven slippers were placed on her bare feet. Yeh-Shen realized the bones of her fish friend were magic and headed straight to the festival. Soon after she arrived the King got one look at her until she feared she’d get seen and fled from the festival leading one slipper behind. Determined to find the lovely girl he had seen at the festival, the King and his men took that one slipper and searched the entire kingdom for her. Once they reached the last house, Yeh-Shen had came out with the other slipper and the King’s men brought the other. Slowly the rags turned to the blue gown and Yeh-Shen was that beautiful girl he had seen and at once they married leaving the stepmother and sister in a

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