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From Glass Slipper To Glass Ceiling: “Cinderella” And The Endurance Of A Fairytale by Amy deGraff In our modern society, we have heard different versions of different stories, whether it was a tale or a true story. Nowadays, reality vs fantasy has become a hot trend for many writers. Amy deGraff discussed about how the film (Working Girl directed by Mike Nichols) and Cinderella story have very much in common. In the article, From Glass Slipper To Glass Ceiling: “Cinderella” And The Endurance Of A Fairytale established by Amy deGraff, the concept of the film Working Girl vs Cinderella’s story was debated. It was reality vs fantasy. Amy deGraff emphasizes that if you perceive film and fairy tale both obtain similarities and differences in it. You’ll notice that both have a prince charming and attended parties. In Cinderella’s story, she has an evil stepsisters and stepmother and in…show more content…
She stated that “ scholars in search of fairy tale variants, we should turn our attention to films” (p. 82). Furthermore, she added that “Film has become a powerful medium for the retelling or reworking of the stories of old, as I hope I have proven in this discussion of Working Girl” (p. 82). However, in my point of view, we should never forget the mundane tales that were told when we’re still children since our childhood memories and bedtime stories rely on it. As well as telling them how life truly works in the real world. And that there is no such thing as an euphoric ending rather indulge them to envision that life is not as scary as a boogeyman or villain. It would be awful to hear that your child grew up without knowing fantasies or fairy tales. Finally, instead of focusing on films, Amy deGraff should be suggesting that even though films have become a powerful medium we should not disregard the old tales that have been running for

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