Egyptian And French Cinderella Stories

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Have you ever read two Cinderella stories and thought they were very similar in many ways or even very different in many ways? Cinderella stories are all based off one story, which is the very first Cinderella story. When reading the Egyptian Cinderella and the French Cinderella stories you will notice a lot of similarities. Both of the stories also have many differences, but at the end it all adds up. The Egyptian and French Cinderella stories are similar because they both go through troubled times like being hated by other for being different and always being kind, but at the end it all works out for the best. Although, the two Cinderella were very essence towards others they were still treated horribly by others. In the French Cinderella story she was called Cinderella by her step sister “who was not so rude and uncivil as the other one, one called her Cinderella” (Perrault). The Egyptian Cinderella was called names and made fun of by the servant girls: “they would tease her and make fun of her “(climo).Both of these Cinderella’s were very kind hearted girls treated bad, but were rewarded for their greatness at the end. Even though treated badly they never came out of there character. All in all, these two Cinderella’s were rewarded at the end.…show more content…
In the Egyptian Cinderella story she was very/felt different from the others “she felt different and she was, she had pale skin and he checks were rosy” (climo). In the French Cinderella story, she was treated different because she had more true beauty than her sisters and her stepmother “ she could not bear the good qualities of this pretty girl, and the less because they made her own daughters appear the more odious”(Perrault). Although they were girls who did nothing to anybody they were treated bad because of others guilt and their true beauty. Altogether, them being different caused them to be hated by

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