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1. What is the role of the “femme fatale” in Film Noir? What could be some of the reasons why this image of women emerged during the 1940s and 1950s? Femme Fatale is the role played by women in Film Noir films. It is basically the direct opposite character played by women in traditional films. It is the image of empowerment not seen in other genres. There is a strong sexual attractiveness, power, strength and also attractiveness shown by women in this genre. The movie that I liked that displayed such strong and complex character was “China Town” 1974. Faye Dunaway, plays the Femme Fatale. The film genre started in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Women worked in factories replacing men who had gone to war, this was seen as a threat to traditional…show more content…
Violence is every, in our personal life and naturally it is in movies. It is human nature. Some of the earlier movies in the history of American Film had violence in it, for example, “The Great Train Robbery” 1903 depicted some sort of violence where train robbers rob a train and kill people. Violence sells, it is in movies, games, novels, and human beings crave violence. In an NPR interview, Tarantino said it was disrespectful to the victims to bring up violence in relationship to Newtown, he also went on to say the issue is gun control and mental health, The Opinions Expressed in This Commentary Are Solely Those of LZ Granderson. "Despite Newtown, We Crave Violent Movies." CNN. Cable News Network, 14 Jan. 2013. With the new rating system, even PG-13 movies have some sort of violence in them, not even the Animation genre is immune to…show more content…
Please mention some of the strategies used by the general film industry in the United States to compete with television in the 1950s. What effect did the fading of the star system have on Hollywood? In the 1950’s, television had become popular in American culture. Studios began to explore new tactics to bring back its audience by having wide screen, 3-d and Smell- O-Vision, stereophonic sound and more violent movies. In an attempt of the Studios to gain audience back in the 50s 3-D and Smell-O-Vision were one of the tactics used, which included pumping scents into theatres through the air conditioning system. The studios also began selling or leasing their older movies to TV companies. The Star System faded away in the 1950’s, stars were liberated from the restrictive studio contracts and they make their own persona and image that they want the public to see. It was a new era for Hollywood and facing legal action and competition, they had to reinvent the whole system from ground

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