Should Huckleberry Finn Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Dana Fishman Sophomore English Ms. Betar December 19, 2014 nigga nigga For years there has been controversy as to whether or not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be allowed in classrooms. Huck Finn, as well as the author Mark Twain, has been called racist. The reason being; the word nigger and other words mocking black people was used excessively from start to finish of the book. Others argue saying it is anti-educational because of the way the book is written, narrated by an uneducated bottom of the ladder child Huck. This simply is not the case. Although there are debates because of possible racism, this book should be allowed in the education systems because it is historically correct in respect to the challenged language and…show more content…
The now extremely derogatory word nigger is used repeatedly. At times, it is used so much to make one uncomfortable. One one page specifically that single word is used fourteen times. Although this word makes some squeamish, it shouldn’t be a reason this book should be banned from the education systems. At that time, nigger was used as a common word to simply refer to one who is black. People of this time were raised having this word as a very common one. This also was a time when people of black color had zero rights and were automatically looked down upon by whites. Since then African Americans are as equal as anybody else. Therefore this word is a very degrading and racist word. However, in the time Twain wrote this it was an authentic part of American language. It was simply the way people spoke at the time. Twain by writing it in this book was not for derogatory use, but for a realistic and factual setting. Everyone spoke like this because that was simply how the times were. In her January 9, 2011, Washington Post article titled “Leave Twain Alone,” Kathleen Parker argues that taking words out of books not only hurts the stories they tell, but also the minds of those who attempting

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