Othello Trust Quotes

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In the play Othello, by Shakespeare, Othello does not investigate iago accusations because he has known Iago more than Desdemona, in which it can be supposed that Othello has considerable trust in Iago over Desdemona. This trust might be the destruction of Othello trusting Iago word over his wife Desdemona when blamed of being false with Cassio. Iago always demonstrates his faith to Othello by making him believe that he is always there for him. Iago doesn’t only have fun with Othello’s intelligence by speaking to him and deceiving him, but he also plays with other people’s minds too. Iago continuously tries to gain Othello trust thus that he appears to be there for him. In the book in act 1 scene 3 Iago says “The Moor is of a free and open…show more content…
In the book on act 3 scene 3 iago is having a conversation with Othello and he says “One may smell in such a will most rank, foul disproportions, thoughts unnatural. But—pardon me—I do not in position Distinctly speak of her, though I may fear her will, recoiling to her better judgment, May fall to match you with her country forms, and happily repent.” This quote shows how iago is playing with Othello mind. He is trying to make Othello question his wife but at the same time he acts like it was just a thought. Othello says “Why did I marry? This honest creature doubtless Sees and knows more, much more, than he unfolds.” Othello starts to question Desdemona loyalty and again calls iago a good and honest man. On page 59 Desdemona and Othello are having a conversation. Desdemona says “why, so I can. But I will not now. This is a trick to put me from my suit. Pray you, let Cassio be received again.” Then Othello says fetch me the handkerchief! My mind misgives.” Desdemona again says “come, come. You will never meet a more sufficient man.” Othello respond saying “the handkerchief!” The fact that Desdemona was pleading for Cassio case to Othello made him come to the conclusion that he was cheating on him with
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