Summary Of The Story 'Blocking The Transmission Of Violence'

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Brendan Thorne Mrs. Schmeltz English 12B 16 December 2014 “Violence isn't the answer” Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence,” said Jim Morrison. Violence is something we see each and everyday, whether it be on the news or right in front of you. People around the world are even scared beyond belief to exit their own homes due to violence. What’s different is that violence can’t be completely prevented but there are still some small things that can make a big difference in just one single small community. Chicago is a more populated city known for a greater amount of violence occurring each and every day. The story Blocking the Transmission of Violence is about the community coming together as one and…show more content…
because Violence can hurt many different people around you. In the story “Blocking the Transmission of Violence” Martin Torres is at work when he receives a phone call from a relative being told that his nephew had been murdered. This wasn’t just any murder, it was a shooting in the city of Chicago on the South Side. His uncle was extremely upset due to his nephew’s death. Martin Torres wanted revenge. Torres states, “I thought, Man. I’m going to take care of business.” That’s how I live. I was going hunting. This is my own blood, my nephew.” Generally, he wanted to find the murderer and kill him. As time passed Torres missed his nephew more than you could imagine. Torres wasn’t the only one going through a difficult time though. Many other individuals were also involved in violence situations. What was unordinary about Martin was that he has been shot before plenty of times in all places around the body within his 38 years of life. This is typically why he wanted actual revenge on whoever shot and killed his nephew. His nephew was said to be innocent and his uncle did not quite understand why someone would shoot him out of no

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