Cora Munro: The Last Of The Mohicans

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Character Analysis 6 Cora Munro: The First Lady of Modernism Although The Last of the Mohicans is abundant in diverse male characters, there are two sisters who join them on their endeavors. Their names are Cora and Alice Munro, and they could not be more different from each other. Out of all the characters James Fenimore Cooper created in the second installment of the Leatherstocking Tales, the duo provides the largest contrast between each other by far. Cora is of a mixed lineage, which is a lot different from the Anglo-Saxon heroines of the era, and her social ranking is not any lower because of her race, which I like. Her mother is an Afro-Carribean slave and her father, General Munro, is Scottish. Opposed to her fair hair and light-skinned sister, her hair is, “shining and black… [and] her complexion… appears charged with the color of blood” (Cooper 11). Cora’s demeanor is also, “fuller and more mature than that of [her sister]” (Cooper 11). She is the type of woman who does not think twice when it comes to what she wants…show more content…
There are really three main action sequences that take place and the build up to get to the scenes are a chore to read. Also, Cooper’s portrayal of Natives in this novel makes me want to question his credibility, a lot. Almost none of the characters experience a change in their beliefs, only with the exception of Major Duncan Heyward, however it takes him the entire novel to finally appreciate the culture of the Natives. And even though the main character of the book series, Natty Bumppo (or “Hawkeye”, in this case), is “interesting” based on a first impression, he is too static and therefore adds to how dull the novel is. Cora is a milestone for the development of the female character, but she does not evolve; she dies before she gets the

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