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There are many people who have came in and out of this world who are considered heroes. But are they really heroes? There is a lot of opinions on this subject but would you consider Odysseus, from The Odyssey, a hero? I don’t know what everyone else thinks but I definitely think he is. Even though he made a few mistakes throughout his journey, he shows many qualities of being heroic. The Greeks did not invent the hero but almost all of their literature is about it. The Iliad and The Odyssey written by Homer are one of the most popular. The plot set up in this story is still used today, so maybe we should compare ourselves to Odysseus and make ourselves better, even heros maybe. Odysseus is a hero because he take risks for his people, he has…show more content…
He shows that he is inspired hero by his men because he keeps his men together most of the story while keeping their loyalty. Odysseus also inspire his men to keep rowing as they head toward Scylla without telling them the information he is withholding from them to keep them from getting scared. He inspires his people because he confronts the suitors and tells them the problem , and when Penelope and Eurycleia become upset, he does not shy away from taking control. So he inspires them to not be scared or nervous, he shows them to stay together through everything, also he shows them to stand up for themselves and not care what other people…show more content…
A part in the story where he demonstrates that is when he tricks Polyphemus by telling his his name is “Nohbdy.” When Polyphemus went to tell people about what he had done, they would ask what his name was. Then Polyphemus would say “Nohbdy” sounding like nobody. Another way he showed this skill is when he is with his men early in the poem. He disguises his men as sheep so Polyphemus would unknowingly let them out of his cave. Odysseus also tricks the Suitors by doing what no other man can do. String Odysseus’ famous boe. Some people might argue that Odysseus also got many of his men killed while doing this. But in my opinion, he didn’t have any control over that. He had to make life or death decisions throughout the epic poem. So I think he did what anyone would do, he goes with his gut feeling. For example, when Circe tells him he can either go quickly through the most dangerous way or slower through the less dangerous way. But his men were sick and so was he so they needed to get home fast, and the danger couldn’t be worse than what they have gone through. But he didn’t know what he was u against and neither did anyone else. We have to remember not every hero was dropped into a chemical substance and gets super powers after they come out. Don’t get me wrong Odysseus is not just a person, he’s a hero. He protects his people by taking risks, he has needed

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