Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion,which is defined as a deliberate termination of a human, is one of the most debatable issues in society. Abortion is about allowing women the right to make choices about when they want to have children, in relation to their age,health, financial stability or if they were raped.There are many reasons to why a woman might want to get an abortion and it should not be up to the Government to determine the personal right of what a woman wants to do with her own body, especially if that woman can not afford to care for the child. Moreover, this argument is a matter of morals, those who see it allowable should be provided with the means to do so but others who don't see it allowable don't have to choose to give up on a child. Those kids who are not aborted sometimes grow up in a destructive environment and their basic needs are not provided. There are many reasons why some people are against abortion, and there are also many reasons as to why some people advocate abortion. Some people feel that abortion is an act of murder, evil, and selfishness and that the child should be given up for adoption, which itself is another argument because there are a lot of kids in foster cares that are not being adopted and are…show more content…
A baby shouldn't come into the world unwanted. Many people still argue that adoption is a second choice, but most women don't want to carry the baby for full term because it is more difficult for them while a abortion is easier. Refusing a woman their right is lowering our status down to inferior and that is taking away our rights of equality. Woman should not have to carry around children without a choice. Men would never understand the pain and insecurity of a woman, even in these times. We have the right to life property and liberty.Denying a woman the right to abortion is like denying the rights of her to do anything else with her own
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