Society's Arguments Against Abortion

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7th Period (Aundreya Allen) Abortion - The deliberate termination of a pregnancy , most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. When it comes to abortion, I am pro choice. When a woman decides to abort a baby it is most likely for a legitimate reason. For example, if a woman is poor and doesn’t have a stable lifestyle why would she bring a baby into that same lifestyle? Everyone wants a good life, it would be selfish and naive to bring someone into a life just to struggle. There are many people that are pro-choice for abortion. People often think it’s fine to have an abortion as long as you have a legit reason. “A majority of americans support legal abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy” ( It is not society’s…show more content…
If it isn’t your life, it isn’t your problem. “Planned parenthood states strongly that, ‘there can be no more extreme invasion of privacy than requiring a woman to an unwanted pregnancy to term. If government is permitted to compel a woman to bear a child, when will government stop? The concept is morally repugnant. It violates traditional american ideas of individual rights and freedoms’”( Even if we make aborting a child illegal, women will find a way to abort a child if she does not want it. For example, the coat hanger! Before abortion was legalized in the united states there were up to about 1.2 million self abortions annually, which is much more dangerous than getting it professionally done (Joel Swagman). “Only 20 percent of abortions occur as a form of birth control. The other 80 percent…show more content…
Often when they think abortion “murder” comes to mind. “Abortion was generally considered to be “bad” or “evil,” and even those who in any way approved of or tolerated abortion recognized the discussion of the subject to be in poor taste” (Grady,1967). “43 percent says they are pro life” ( Many people are against abortion for religious reasons and they think it offends God (Tfp student action). “ 61 percent of americans say abortion should be illegal after the fetal heartbeat has begun, which occurs in the first month of pregnancy” ( “86 percent of americans say abortion should be illegal after the first 6 months of pregnancy”

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