Argument Against Abortion

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Prolife A man shoots a pregnant woman, the baby and the mother perish, it is labeled as a double homicide. A woman has an abortion, it is legal and she can continue her life peacefully. Abortions are legal in all fifty states. The murder of small, innocent babies is lawful for anyone to do anytime. The laws dealing with abortion are far too lenient, causing people to be audacious with their sexual business and insensitive to human life. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy and should be illegal or have more vigorous laws as to whom can have one and why. Studies have proven that depression, a condition of mental disturbance, is a major side-effect of having an abortion. Information such as this just goes-to-show that an abortion hurts more than the baby, it harms the mother as well. Forty-two percent of women who have abortions have experienced major depression within the last four years. The risk of anxiety disorders also doubles (Abortions Cause Severe Depression for Women). Abortions have also been known to bring women to a dangerous place in their lives where they feel the need to drink or do drugs in immense amounts, damaging their mental and physical…show more content…
This statement is the most common reason women justify their abortion and in a way they are correct. They are the ones who are pregnant and their life is what is going to change the most drastically. This new life will completely change the course of theirs and it is their decision if they should keep it or not. People should have full control over their bodies and what they do with them. While all of this is true, we must remember that it is no longer just them. There is now officially two, or three people depending if the father is involved, in the equation and if the woman decides to kill off the baby to help herself, she is being selfish and depriving this baby of ever even attempting to live a
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