Pro Lifers Arguments Against Abortion

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Pro-life or pro-choice is one of the biggest controversies in today’s society. Really, it shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. Your body is your body and no one else’s. No one other than you should decide what you can or cannot do with it. Allowing the government to decide if abortions should be legal is like having a fish as your flight instructor. If you spell pro-life backwards it spells efil-orp, which makes no sense, just like that mentality. One of the points that pro-lifers argue is that it should be illegal to prevent the continuation of another life. Yet, in many other instances, this is allowed and no one even blinks an eye. No one forces people to donate organs or donate blood, even when the blood/organs are crucial for the…show more content…
However, the reality is that with most would-be abortions, the life of the child ends up being pretty horrible. When women are denied abortions, both the mother and the child can be very negatively affected. Take the case of Dr. Bogdan Chazan for example. After being visited by an expectant mother wanting an abortion, who had already had five miscarriages and was worried about her health and the health of her child, Dr. Chazan refused to perform the operation due to personal beliefs. The mother was forced to go through with the pregnancy, gave birth to the baby via C-section, and then had to spend the next ten days watching her child die a slow, painful death. In a recent interview, the mother stated “during those ten days, no priest, no pro-life activist, not even Dr. Chazan came to see the child, to ask if they can help. It was really hard to look at our child. We knew what was coming, but it was still very hard to cope with.” The only thing that came from denying this woman an abortion was extreme trauma for her and a short life of pain and suffering for her baby - it was far from being some heroic deed to save the life of an unborn…show more content…
Women who know that they have a high risk of death or serious injury giving birth, pregnant teenage girls for example, should be given a choice to live. In 2013, 289,000 women died from complications related to childbirth. 70,000 of those women were girls ages fifteen to nineteen. What about the case of rape? When survivors of rape are not allowed to abort the baby of their rapist, they are being sentenced to a lifetime of staring into the inherited features of their attacker and raising the child that is biologically half of the rapist, serving as a constant reminder of what had been done to them. Never are they allowed to even think of forgetting the worst, most traumatic moments of their life. That being said, women who consensually have sex have as much right to an abortion. A child should not be punishment for sex and sex should not be used as a fear tactic. Making abortion illegal does not stop it from occurring; it just forces women to do it in an unsafe environment, endangering their safety. 47,000 women die and millions more are injured from complications from unsafe, sometimes illegal

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