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There are many arguments as to why abortion is morally wrong. Philosopher Don Marquis proposed a new argument. He called this argument the “future like ours” argument. In the future like ours argument, it is claimed that since killing a person is wrong, then it is wrong to kill a fetus. In this argument, it is equally wrong to kill a fetus just as it is killing an individual. The argument simply states that if one kills a fetus, that individual is robbing the fetus of its future and the potential that the fetus may have in this world. According to Marquis, it is morally wrong to kill a person because it deprives that person of the opportunities they may have in the future. It is solely robbing his or her future. It is similar in the case of abortion, it is wrong to kill a person…show more content…
If an individual is murdered or killed, their future has been robbed because they are not able to achieve any of their goals or ambitions. Therefore, if a fetus is aborted, their future has been robbed before it could have started. However, pro-choice supporters defend the right to an abortion by declaring that the fetus does not have any desires, plans, or likings then the fetus has no value to its future conscious experiences. One must ask themselves two very important questions. The first question would be “how much should we be obligated to value the fetus’s future life?” (133). This means, does that fetus’s future holds some, if any, value to make abortion wrong. The second question asks “is the fetus in any way entitled to its future? (134). However, the pro-life supporters claim that our future still holds value regardless of the different situations someone may be going through because that person is still capable of living out their future. Then one must ask, what is the difference between an individual who has no desires to uphold their future and goals, than an unborn

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