Don Marquis's Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion is a controversial issue around the world. Many people against abortion find it socially wrong to end a pregnancy because it results in the killing of an unborn child. Most pro-life supporters would say it is the killing of an innocent life. But, a pro-choice supporter would argue that there are many reasons in pregnancy that need to be taken into consideration before one could deem an abortion as unnnessary. In this paper, I will take a stance as a pro-choice supporter. I will discuss the different instances in which abortion can be permissible and impermissible with examples that support my claims. Also, I will argue against Don Marquis’s, pro-choice supporter, “future like ours” argument. Women around the world have abortions…show more content…
Mark Brown believes this is not true because this would mean that “culpable homicide” would be denying a person access to what he/she needs to live. But this would not be the case, for example, if an elderly woman dies from pneumonia. In this case, the elderly woman is not dying because she has lost access to what she needs to survive but due to a circumstance in which she cannot control. Brown also uses another example of why we receive medical services. He says it is not because we are entitled to it, but because we are a part of a health program. Another scenario is if a patient who needs a kidney transplant dies due to lack of donor or a perfect organ. In all of these cases, the lives are dependent on external circumstances that we have no ownership or control over. They were not stripped of access to things necessary to live. The fetus’s right is not violated because it died in a way where its right is not violated. Just like the elderly woman or the patient died. There was no violation of their right so it could not be considered homicide. With these examples, Brown deems Marquis’s first premise implausible. So if the first premise of Marquis is implausible, the whole argument would be unsound and not relevant. An unsound…show more content…
. .abortion is not impermissible, I do not argue that it is always permissible.” Although I am labeled as a pro-choice supporter, I still believe there are certain circumstances in which abortion is not morally permissible. Through this essay, I have proved that with rape or health risk, abortion should be morally permissible. But in cases such as a teenager who has had unprotected sex multiple times and consistently tries to get abortions every time she is impregnated should not be morally permissible. Or if a woman intentionally tries to have a child and becomes impregnated but gets scared of being pregnant and wants an abortion should not be allowed to have an abortion due to not justifiable

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