Arguments Against Abortion Research Paper

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In my opinion I agree with the position that the mother must be the one to make the final decision on whether to have an abortion or not. “For many women, the abortion controversy is personal, involving judgments about their own body, their own health and happiness, and their own inner turmoil provoked by life-and-death decisions.”(page 163). In my opinion the women is the one who will be carrying the child through the process putting her health and body to at risk to provide nutrients for the fetus inside. Yes, it takes a sperm and an egg to create an embryo so there is a male involved as the father of this embryo, but the way I see it he is not the one caring for the embryo through these months. The parents should have no say in if the women keeps or aborts even if it is under the age of 18, and I do not believe that the government should have a say in the women's choice in anyway shape or form as they have no clue what the best choice would be concerning her life and situation.…show more content…
You have situations of rape, insets, and health complications that may result in abortions. In this case of example I will use rape. Rape is a big reason of why I believe abortion is agreeable. Many people may have gone through this situation or have known someone close and may understand the reasoning behind my explanation, but many have not gone through this tragic situation or had someone close therefore they may have a different opinion on it. For an example a woman has been raped and it ended in an unwanted pregnancy. I believe this woman does deserve the right to apportion if that is what she chooses. Yes, there is adoption as a choice but why would or should that woman carry around a baby for nine months that would constantly bring back memories of the tragic event. This woman could be going through Post traumatic stress disorder other known as PTSD
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