Summary Of Judith Jarvis Thompson: A Defense Of Abortion

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Judith Jarvis Thompson: A Defense of Abortion Fetuses are not persons; people have the right to existence, so determining what happens to their bodies is far more imperative in order to save their own exists. Judith Thomson believes that fetuses are not individuals; it is only until birth that they become a person. This article written by Judith Thompson is trying to defend abortion and for the sake of this disagreement, she is going to accept that fetuses are persons at the time of conception. Her main point in this argument is to defend that a woman’s life should be considered just as important as the fetus in determining the right to live. Upon reading this article we are able to capture a compelling argument dealing with the permissibility of the act of abortion.…show more content…
Her arguments are somewhat conflicting as she often states that there is no “being” immediately after procreation but then argues that life of being a human occurs before birth happens. Judith brings up the question dealing with when is it morally permissible for abortion to occur or is it not permissible under any circumstances. Judith choice of word to defend the permissibility of abortion is very different than that of Don Marquis. Her approach at this subject is to use scenarios that would appeal to a person’s emotions. She also uses a variety of parallels to make just out of the topic of abortion

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