Argument Against Abortion

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Dyanna Flores Mr.Kegley HST 23 September 2015 Abortion Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is performed on the fetus during the beginning of its development and is usually performed around 28 weeks after conception. “Over 8,000 adolescents become pregnant each year, 80% of these pregnancies are unintended, and many of these end in abortion” (Santelli, 74). I am against abortion because I think it is unprincipled and it’s inhumane. I feel this way because it’s basically the killing of a baby, even though its unborn. “Each year since the late 1970’s, approximately 30 percent of all pregnancies in the United States have ended in abortion” (Torres, 169). People have different views on this topic, one side of the argument is that people…show more content…
By ten weeks after conception the child can make bodily movements. The examples above show how early life begins for a fetus. Each of these milestones exemplifies key components about what makes each person an individual. These facts contradict what Pro-choice people say about a fetus not being human. The process of becoming a human being begins with identifiable human traits. You should consider being pro-life because the killing of a fetus who has a heart beat, features that are easy to make out, brain activity and can make physical movements like the rest of us is not ethical. For instance consider yourself to be a pregnant women going to get an ultrasound and you're considering the options of aborting her unborn child or keeping it and raising it. Once you hear the first heartbeat you're suddenly overwhelmed because you can’t believe you created life and this “thing” you just created is yours and that's when your maternal instincts kick in. Technology like this has helped us be able to see that the fetus is a living and breathing organism that should not be killed just because of circumstances pregnant women are faced
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