International Human Resource Management Case Study

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Human Resource Management in the international company differs significantly from the Human Resources Management in the home country. International HRM has a stronger influence of environmental factors, more diverse functions of management and differentiated approach to the training of the management personnel. The emphasis of features of international HRM is primarily influenced by cultural and economic factors, style and management practices, differences of labor markets and labor costs, the problem of movement of labor, factors of industrial relations and control factors. The functions of human resource management in multinational companies is extremely complicated by the need to adapt the policies and procedures related to personnel and…show more content…
The methodological basis of the concept is a business strategy, a policy of personnel management, the Social Code, and the agreement between the employer and the labor association. The Social Code includes labor remuneration and motivation policies, industrial safety, labor and environmental and health protection. (Social Code of LUKOIL, 2002) HR management policy of the company is the plan for the use of human resources and at the same time is a part of the strategy. It ensures the unity of approaches to human resource management in all organizations of the LUKOIL, and as well to take into account the specificity of the regions where the company and its subsidiaries exist. This document includes five interrelated areas of which the following activities of LUKOIL in the field of personnel management stand…show more content…
In addition, the remuneration system performs an economic, social and moral functions. It provides high performance workers and team as a whole, as well as a decent financial position of employees, social security for workers and their families. At the same time the company builds a reputation as one of the best employer in the labor

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