Are We Too Dependent On Technology Essay

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While I was at work, an older guy started a conversation about the generational differences with me and three other young men. One of the topics was about how the younger generation depends on technology to the fullest for everything. After I came home from work that night I questioned myself “Are we too dependent on technology?" As my wife began to prepare dinner, I started to analyze everything I touched from the moment I walked in the house. For example, the digital a/c, smart TV, Ps4, my cell phone, and my tablet. Then I realized that we are too dependent on technology in this generation and the older generations are pretty much forced to utilize technology. Due to the fact that everything is going paperless, technology is the replacement. First, I realized that it’s not just a generational era; everyone has to depend on technology now more than ever. We are all in some form taking advantage or using technology at work, in church, in hospitals, for cars, and…show more content…
I have mentioned a few ways that we depend on technology; however there are many other ways such as making pre-packaged food, cooking certain foods, making different products, grading/inspecting foods we consume each day, and also obtaining knowledge. For the generations that were born into technology will be great users and will come to them as second nature. On the contrary, previous generations are skeptical about all the new technology and sometimes struggle to keep up with the advancing technology on all levels. Nowadays we depend on technology more than we ever have before and if something were to happen with the technology a lot of vital information will be lost and people would be lost without it. I have even heard people state "I would be lost without technology". What do you depend on technology

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