How Does Biophilia Affect Society

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Psychologists have argued about how Biophilia can improve and heal lifestyles of human being from the elderlies, the adults and even children. I believe Biophilia can have a significant impact in our lives and in turn change the world into a better place. Not only would we benefit from it, but our future generations too. Having already said so, why Biophilia matters? Stephen R. Kellert written in his book, Building for Life: Designing and Understanding the Human-Nature Connection, that biophilic elements have real, measureable benefits to human performance metrics as productivity, emotional well-being, stress reduction, learning and healing (Kellert 2005)1. One of the most common problems in healthcare is stress. Stress is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, and reacts to situations that are challenging and threatening. In society nowadays, examples of many stressful aspects can be seen almost everywhere, more vividly, in hospitals. Here, patients suffering from minor or major sickness can be the cause of…show more content…
In today’s society, children are not getting outdoors enough and because of that, “Levels of movement and energy expenditure necessary for healthy physical environment are not feasible when limited to indoor environments. (p.156)” And in another source states that a boy likes to play indoors better because that is where the electrical outlets are. The presence of technology in the society nowadays has changed the lifestyle of how humans work that it has made us dependent on them. Instead of making our way to the library to source out references, we turn to Google, as it is the fastest way to an answer. Or how communication among our closest ones only happen online or over a text or over a phone call. These acts have obviously shown it’s effect on us, and how it has made us the lazy people we have

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