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ABSTRACT New Media as the name suggests is a fresh new look upon the media landscape. A topical subject of late, and widely debatable on the uses and effects that it has upon media consumers. In particular, it is not clear on whether this media can be simply classified as a faster information source than Traditional Media. This paper will clarify some misconceptions on the Role of New Media in Modern Culture and explain the role it holds as the role of Power. With the use of several examples in today’s context, this essay aims to define the role of New Media. Taking into consideration the effects this role has on the political, economical and social landscapes. POWER IN NEW MEDIA INTRODUCTION In the following essay, I will…show more content…
How can power in New Media be described? These two questions come to mind when speaking of about the foothold New Media has in society. New Media undoubtedly has control over our lives, it’s not unusual for one to wake up in the morning and check the notifications on our phone and make decisions based on the messages. Today, just about everyone is dependent on the information and communication provided to keep their lives in check throughout daily activities like work, education, entertainment and personal relationships. Perhaps the most powerful force present in New Media is the influence it carries. The one to many ratios of messages being sent increases exponentially. Information we receive through mass media may not be entirely factual however it still holds a powerful influence over us. In the early days, books were the only source of information people could receive, and as a result they were influential. We are still reliant and we trust our sources of information be it the news or sports we tune in to the various media channels and we give it authority over our attention. Designers of media messages must understand and tap on the attributes that influence us and so they study the audience. With the knowledge of the audience, designers are able to build to the elements in their message in order to capture audience arousal. Like a fish caught in a hook, there is little chance of getting away. We fall into rituals, we are…show more content…
It is not how some claimed that Obama’s cunning use of New Media helped jumpstart his election campaign. Neither was it his charisma or his money. It was a complex mechanism that consisted of components that could only work all together as a combination. – a message. Change was the message of the campaign, which arrived as the poster for the campaign; the country has been in countless wars and was facing a recession. Obama’s use of the Internet helped him to develop personal relationships with supporters and was elected for reasons beyond the traditional things such as “experience” or “party affiliation”. During the spring of 2008, researchers from the Harvard Institute of Politics asked for main reason youths supported their candidates. None of the choices articulated the reasons why the youth supported Barack Obama, and they cited their own reasons. They voiced “the need for change” which reproduced his slogan “Change We Need”. Also “hope and unity”. These were the main messages his campaign set to work on. The results of this poll, presented that his message was well disseminated and that the supporters saw him as an individual and not just some distant politician. With the majority of youth online, Obama’s team

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