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Introduction As Second Life is a virtual world game where the borders of the real world and fiction are blurred, between art and culture, economy and high culture. Thus making Second Life a valid and clear characteristic of Postmodernism. A descriptive essay is drawn on the point that second life is a clear distinction in Postmodernism. The essay discusses modernization, post modernization, and the core characteristics of Post modernization such as Reflexive Post modernization, Implosion, Aestheticism and a few more. This essay aims to not only argue its point but to prove it in the theory gathered and summarized on. 2. What is second life? Second life is developed and owned by San Francisco, it was launched in June 23rd 2003 and created…show more content…
As traditional religion and cultural beliefs are without certainties, present- life appears as a series of proliferating choices to be made without foundations. Thus an encouragement for humans to be more reflexive about themselves, as there are no certainties to rely on. Reflexivity can be understood as 'discourse about experience' (Gergen, 1994:71). Reflexivity enables increased possibilities for the creative and often magical self-construction of multiple identities. To be active in reflexivity is to join in a range of discourses/language and relationships while constructing further discourses about them. We also compare our traditions with others (Barker & Jane, 2016) Reflexivity encourages an ironic sense of the 'said before': the feeling that one cannot invent anything new but can merely play with the already existent. An example was made by Umberto Eco, a person who cannot, without irony say ' I love you' yet prefaces it with 'As Barbara Cortland would say'. The words are spoken but the originality is also acknowledged. A widespread of knowledge of the history of film, television, music and literature promotes this emotions and feelings (Caughe, 1990). 4.2. Postmodernism and the collapse of…show more content…
They applied their ‘canons’ not only to their work but to their lives as well and lived a good life, devoted to the cult of art and beauty and always rich in creative energy(Mingazzini & Salmoiraghi, 1992). Under this topic there are branches, two of which being metaphysics and epistemology. Now linking this branches to the second life we can focus on its metaphysics and epistemology. Its metaphysics being that it is a branch of philosophy that inquires about the being or reality of things. Aesthetics interrelates with metaphysics when one inquires about the ontological status of the work of art (Mayo, 2012). Epistemology being the mysteriousness of the reality of the artistic object gets clarified when we stop looking for the supernatural or natural origins of the work and concentrate on the intentional object of the work. All of those said, it can be clearly seen how this blends in with second life and as post modernism is explained in 2 above to be a change that occurred from then time to now or modernisation. Making this a good example of modernism (Mayo,

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