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5 Red Bull - Strategic management 5.1 Industry Analisys The Energy drink market has doubled in size since the first time this has been introduced in Europe and the United States( within the US the market encompassed approximately 15 billion USD $ in 2011) PESTLE Analysis Political and Legal • At first the Health organization was suspicious that RedBull can be a starter Drug • RedBull still needs to be approved in each country where it will be sold, this being a very time consuming and expensive step. Economic • RedBull is a special drink targeting a niche market, with little exposure to economic cycles of growth and recession Socio-Cultural • The consumers are both male and female, regardless of age, who are very sporty or study hard Technology • RedBull…show more content…
In 2012 it sold a remarkable 5.2 billion cans, which represents a 12.8% increase from the 2011 figures Target market Profile Red Bull markets to young urban males aged from 16 to 29 years old, who live a exciting, adventurous and exerting life. They ‘live on the edge’ or try to and they usually are average build or go to the gym and work out on a consistent level. Competitive gamers in the Electronic Sports Industry are also gravitating towards Red Bull products to keep them alert during tournaments. Red Bull defines these consumers as Generation Y because they are not only active males but active students who need the energy to finish projects and study all night. Red Bull has also a vague secondary target market of older consumers in general raging from 25 to 45 years old. All these consumers share a physical/mental exertion and enjoy getting their adrenaline pumping, whether they are business executives finishing annual reports, truck drivers finishing a long haul or others. Positioning Redbull has chosen from the beginning to focus on the effects of the drink and not on the…show more content…
Creative plan: Creative strategy: The messages will remind Red Bull consumers of the versatility provided by their energy drink for athletes, gamers, business workers, truck drivers, students, etc. The messages need to replace the negative image of being ‘Speed in a can’ and discourage excessive use with alcohol that leads to teenage deaths. Used properly Red Bull is an effective way to battle fatigue weather mental of physical for long periods of time and when it is used, you can do and be whatever or whoever you set your mind

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