Analysis Of Nicholas Carr's Essay: Is Google Making USupid

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Jonathan Slacks once said “Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn't help us know what to say” This quote shows the relationship between people and technology. Nicholas Carr has valid points in his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” about technology and I concur with him that technology does make people stupid. Technology does make people stupid but not in the traditional way of what stupid means, so It doesn’t make people stupid in the sense that they lack knowledge it makes them stupid because they allow devices, and websites to manipulate how they live their lives. People are so reliant on technology, they make it control the way they communicate and also it stops people from facing the realities of their own lives. There is no hesitation that technology makes everything less complex, which is why man is so completely reliant on it. People argue that humans are not dependent on technology because it is essential for their lifestyle. Before the discovery of…show more content…
Google or technology is a threat to the human race thinking process. Nicholas Carr thinks so, and I concur with him. Individuals are too reliant on technology, it causes them to lack communication skills and eventually leads people in the path that they forget about their own reality. When a person allows technology to do those three things in their life it is at that google make them stupid. Technology is a gift to society, but people have to learn to use that gift instead of making it use them. People need to learn to make sure their thoughts and actions are not manipulated by the use of technology. That is the way to make sure “google” don’t make them stupid. A human brain is what separate them from animals, so they should use it as much as possible and keep it active in order to make sure it continues to work instead of always making a computer think for

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