Are Gangs Good Or Bad

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I question whether gangs are good or bad. The whole concept of “the gang life” could be so frightening to humanity, even to myself but I think of the positive functions and the reasons why such activity could be an advantageous portion of a person’s life. Gangs are part of mankind that have taken a different turn into a “small” society revolved around the concept of trade, money, community and power but looked upon as criminal activity. Every gang has a different purpose and not all gangs are involved in criminal activity. Some gangs may involve drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, violence and revenge but some gangs may just be a group of protesters fighting for their rights. Most gangs have leaders who are generally unknown to the public and members who do the work for the leaders. When joining a gang you get a whole different philosophy towards your own identity. There are also many advantages of “the gang life” and many circumstances why people join gangs. There is no doubt that the entire number of gangs, disregarding what it’s purpose is, has a leader who commonly…show more content…
Some have many issues that would would be the cause of joining a gang. For example, if one has family problems or money problems they would maybe consider turning to gangs. It frees them of these problems that may cause stress or/and depression in their daily lives. Some could be pressured into joining gangs by friends or other close relatives. In this case, the circumstances are different while others could possibly be born into a gang. Some people could also join gangs because of fear and need of protection, in some cases these are people with big problems in their lives. They may turn to gangs for daily needs that are not given to them. To sum up, the circumstances for joining a gang could be both good and bad but once you are in these gangs it could help solve all these issues in ones

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