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The Outsiders is an American classic that teenagers have been devouring since the 1960s. I thought the book was very well done due to the fact that it sent very strong messages about teen violence, child abuse, and friendship. It is an emotional book about the struggles of a fourteen year old, so I recommend a box of tissues. The conflicts are very universal . The story is made in order for teenagers to relate their personal problems to reality. This is a novel that analyzes the consequences of treating people according to stereotypical reasons. I believe that S.E. Hinton’s message is to encourage people to look beyond appearance, and S.E. Hinton does an excellent job in portraying this story from a realistic point of view. The Outsiders shows…show more content…
The Socs seem to consider fighting a sort of hobby to pass the time and violence is used to make up for all their many insecurities. The Greasers use violence as a brotherhood get-together. Almost like a bonding ritual. Fighting defines the Greaser but in a more heroic way and for some, like Dally, violence is their only outlet for emotional pain and redemption. The Outsiders introduces society classification, in which people are based solely on economic wealth and how individuals present themselves. This is a perfect display of how our society behaves today and this book exceptionally exemplifies that not everyone is how they set themselves to be. The Outsiders manages to end the story on a happy note, with most of Ponyboy’s problems resolved. An interesting thing about the last line of the novel is that it’s also the first line of the novel, so it gives the story a circular feeling, as if it’s a self-contained universe. S.E. Hinton wrote this book to demonstrate a wide variety of themes that play a role in society today. It is written to portray a realistic community, in which, everyone is judged according to how society labels
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