Pros And Cons Of Gentrification

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Gentrification is defined as the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. Thought-out the year gentrification has been the root of unpleasant dispute in American cities. Frequently among those of racial and economic problems. New comers, usually whites who want to improve a poor neighborhood which makes it difficult for lower class by making economic changes and increasing the prices of rent. One may argue that gentrification isn’t benefiting the people of New York City. Since the 1990s gentrification has increase 21% , which may not seem like a great amount but doesn’t mean that it is beneficial to the people of New York City.…show more content…
one reason is that they will be more safer streets in the neighborhood Public safety will get better and people won’t have to worry about that much violence or gang associated problem . The New York Police Department keeps things safe and under control “The "psychological toll" of watching a gritty neighborhood fixed up by hipsters is far less damaging than being stabbed near Dodger Stadium. For 11 years, crime rates in L.A. have generally dropped, many argue as a result of gentrification and improved policing. Gang members on a street corner throwing gang signs are now equivalent to members of the Tea Party hanging out in West Hollywood. Like it or not, turning gang enclaves into "IKEA-hoods" is saving lives. For anyone who complains about waking up in a neighborhood they no longer recognize, just go back to Northeast L.A. in the '90s, where gangs like Echo Park Locos and Toonerville would mug single mothers and track police officers like wild game.” It is evident that gentrification is helping better the community and saving lives because of the less violence that is going on in the neighborhood and people my view their neighbor as different and changing by the day compare to how it was in the 1900s it has improved dramatically and it more safe for the people of the neighborhood. And even though that this is a good thing to the community gentrification still has doing more harm than good to the people of New York

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