Social Disorganization Theory

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Rational choice theory, social disorganization, and routine activities attempt to explain why crime is committed. Rational choice theory states that there is a calculated thought process in an individual before they commit a crime. It may make sense to commit the crime from the criminal point of view. Social disorganization theory states that crime rates are influenced by population and inner-city areas crime rates are always high due to the fact of their high population. This theory also correlates with the broken windows theory. Routine activities theory states that there are three elements which enables crime to flourish: a motivated criminal, a target or object of a crime, and the absence of guardianship. Crime prevention implements a number…show more content…
In law enforcement there is a brotherhood present in the job that brings a sense of pride. It’s the one job where coworkers stick together and race is not seemed to be an issue. This job provides hope for prospects that struggle with making or keeping friends. In law enforcement relationships seem to last a long time. Job security is the major selling point of law enforcement today. With the poor economy of today, more and more people are changing careers and starting all over in law enforcement. There is always a need to babysit, spank, or chase criminals. Criminal justice is becoming more diverse and more opportunity exist where people of foreign nationalities can get hired. Whether as translators or patrolling a particular community there is a job in law enforcement for everyone. Police officers are in contact with the community every day, so it would be wise to strengthen your relationship by helping those in need. 80% of law enforcement at the local level involves assisting the community with everyday problems. People seek law enforcement to chase down the bad guys and save the day. This view is heightened by the fictional law enforcement shows that are seen on TV. Last but not least quality of life after retirement is why people seek employment in law enforcement. Pension plans give hope for…show more content…
This will decrease the negative view the public have of police officers and will help them voice their concerns. I would start a joint task force with local organizations to counsel boys that are fatherless or lost fathers to prison. This program if maintained well can deter future criminals and entice many of them to pursue a career in law enforcement. I would encourage citizens to take crime preventive steps and come forward if they want to learn more. Finally, I will put a lot of research, time, and money towards a technology based unit within the police department. This unit with time will be able to drastically reduce cybercrimes such as fraud, identity theft, stalking and child

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