Huckleberry Finn Compare And Contrast

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The story “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, there are many similarities and differences between me and the characters. I have more on common with Huckleberry Finn. Also, some differences than the other characters on the book. Huck has been in so many rough times in his childhood. Huck Finn is a thirteen-year-old boy. He is dirty and frequently homeless. His father has left him for months and he was a drunk. Widow Douglas attempts to reform Huck on what he have been through, but he denies her attempts and remains to do independent ways. The Widow helps Huck some of schooling and religious training. He did not want to live with the Widow and Miss Watson anymore because they would be very strict on him. He wanted to be free and do whatever he wants. At their home they have a slave name Jim, he is black, and he wanted to be free, too like Huck.…show more content…
My father has not left me and he is not a drunk like Huck’s father. I do go through rough times like Huck. I understand that he want to be free because I also want to be free too and do what I want and have nobody tell me what to do especially if they are not my parents. I would not like to live with people who are very strict on me. Knowing that Huck wanted to leave, but I would not do the same thing on what he done because faking your death will hurt so many people that care about you. He killed a pig so people can think that he died. So he can escape but I think that is not a very good idea. I would have just left without letting anyone know where and when, I was going. But I would collect money before I would do the plan. But I also I would not want to be alone on
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