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Paul Castellano, The Kray Brothers, and Tony Spilotro all share one thing in common. They are all involved in organized crime,particularly the Mafia.Most are categorized as idiotic geniuses. However, Al Capone remains to be one of the most remembered and honored Mafia bosses known. He is commonly recognized and recalled by the name Scarface and his multi-million dollar businesses. Al Capone not only rebelled against law enforcement but went against morals of society as a whole.Capone was born in Brooklyn New,York and by time he was fourteen and in the sixth grade he dropped out after slapping a teacher. He became involved in gang activity at young age and before joining the well known gang “ Five Points” he started the reputation of being…show more content…
He also murdered two men while in New York, early testimony to his willingness to kill.”Torrio owned many businesses with bootlegging. In that era the way men of organized crime made money was considered a disgrace for many working people. Capone became one of Torrio’s top men. He was called his number two man and Torrio became his mentor.Torrio decided to leave Chicago at one point regarding his own crimes after he was shot by a rival gang and left Capone in charge.Capone then started his legacy. Most men were signing up for the military and had trouble finding work because of the economy. Capone managed Torrio’s business and expanded it creating much of his own. “Capone controlled speakeasies, bookie joints, gambling houses, brothels, horse and race tracks, nightclubs, distilleries and breweries at a reported income of $100,000,000 a year.” (History Files). Capone had an image that would not be the average or idle picture of a man in that time period or what the role of a man was. In that time, many women were just getting use to working. Men were expected to bring the money in the house and work daily. It would be struggle for the average family to survive. However, because gang activity was so large and wages were low, most people could care less about where the money was coming from as long as they were getting paid. As an…show more content…
For example,The Chicago Mob was a place where customers could sit,eat, and drink while watching a reenactment of Capone and his business. It was soon shut down after complaints that it was bringing praise for the crimes Capone committed and made it seem normal. Prior to Capone, many mobsters had relations with politics and law enforcement but since Capone owned many things almost everyone worked for him. Therefore, he always had an alibi. Some politicians worked and made business with Capone. William "Big Bill" Hale Thompson. Jr was the mayor of Chicago and when people started to notice the relationship Capone and him had he insisted for Capone to leave because it was giving him a bad image as a politician. During the Great Depression Capone had soup kitchens and fed thousands of people. This added onto his image of being a kind man. However, the law thought elsewise. Capone changed the way many law enforcers thought. Because many were fearful of telling any information about gang activity no one could successfully have a jury willing to find Capone guilty of any charges. In addition to that he had everything he owned in his family members names. For example, his house was in his wife's name and cars and shops in his mother's. There was no heavy evidence that Capone failed to pay taxes. The federal authority of Chicago wanted Capone locked away so

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