The Outsiders Analysis

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a gang? In S.E. Hintons “The Outsiders” tells about 14 year old Ponyboy and his gang. Ponyboy and his gang are greasers- the type of guys who carry knives ,wear blue jeans, have long hair, and get into fights a lot. Socs are the richer group in tow. They are opposites to the greasers in many ways. The Socs and Greasers have a long hatred or each other. When the two groups cross it usually ends in conflict and sometimes the socs beat up greasers for the fun of it. One of the main themes in this book is some things aren't as they appear I will be explaining this theme for three of the most important characters. The main character Ponyboy Curtis shows things are not always as they appear by him being a greaser and having good grades. While most greasers are thought of as bad people Ponyboy shows he is a good kid unlike the stereotype by doing very well in class. Ponyboy is aswell a very kind person unlike greasers are stereotyped to be. If you give him any harmful weapon he will chose…show more content…
Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’ things are not as they seem such as a greaser being a A+ student that has a high IQ. Johnny a shy beaten boy turns out to be a good friend that will do anything to make sure others are safe. And Dally a rough tough former New York gangster, greaser really has a soft side when it comes to Johnny. Every character has something that is hidden about them these are just a few of the large amount people in this wonderful book. I have thought about joining a gang multiple times before and have thought no because of the risk and most people join gangs to either defend their neighborhood from other gangs or join because they don't have a family and in a gang everyone's your family. I dont live in a neighborhood and there is no rival gangs in the area. I also have a very nice and functional family so there is really no reason for me to join a gang unless something bad happens that causes my family to
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