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In 1944 Raphael Lemkin created the term Genocide. He said that when talking about genocide, it does not always mean the complete destruction of a nation, only when you use mass killings of all the people of the particular nation. Genocide’s true meaning is a coordinated and well plan actions with one main goal. The destruction of key points of life for the groups, with the goal of devastating the groups totally. The magnitude of so much pain would be a complete Wipeout of the political and social systems, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the groups. With the total destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.…show more content…
A. (2012). Prologue: The Man Who Made Genocide a Crime: The Legacy of Raphael Lemkin.” Raphael Lemkin is the man who came up with the word Genocide. He studied thousands upon thousands of recorded works of mass murder in history and compared them to what the Nazis’s executed during the Holocaust. Lemkin wrote in 1944, “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe”, this is where he first introduced the word genocide. In 1948 Lemkin went to the UN General Assembly to get genocide added to the list of international crimes. In 1951, his dream was fulfilled, the UN signed the right to criminally prosecute perpetrators of genocidal acts. The Holocaust, over six million Jews were topographic pointed and specifically murdered in the greatest genocide performance of the 20th century. The Holocaust, genocide was part of a larger much more accumulate acts of tyranny and extermination. Simply put,…show more content…
On that very dark and desolate day, the Turkish government executed several hundred Armenian. Some say this was the second wave of extermination. The first coming in 1894 to 1896. The Turkish military ransacked Armenian villages and slaughter their resident thousands of Armenians were destroyed. Armenians still after this strived but growing fear of the Christian Armenians from the Muslim Ottoman rulers set in. The early 1914 the Young Turks were in charge and they wanted most of all was “Turkify” the empire. yielding to this way of introspective thinking, all Christian non-Turks–were a danger to the pure blood line of the new state. Fueled by another disillusion christian Armenians would help Russian christians fight against the Turks lead to the massacre. Armenians were forced on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert deprived of food or water, stripped naked walking for miles in scorching desert sun collapsing and dying on the hot desert sand. If you stopped you got shot. approximately one and a half million people were killed. Even to this day it is against Turkish law to talk about that time in

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