'The Outsiders' Nothing Gold Can Stay

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The Outsiders is a story on a gang of young boys who live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their rivalry gang is the Socials. The story escalates when one of the gang members, Johnny, stabs and kills one of the Socials. After this happens Johnny and Ponyboy, the main character, run away. This story’s theme is “Nothing gold can stay.”“Nothing gold can stay” is a poem by Robert Frost. Some of the main characters in The Outsiders are Ponyboy who is like his name, a pony, which gets picked on by bigger horses, in his case it’s bigger boys. Ponyboy demonstrates the theme by having a very good life, but then “Nothing gold can stay” his parents died, and he started having a tougher life. In the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, the speaker suggests that the

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