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When people say that good girls always fall for bad boys they think it’s just an exaggeration but in Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles this is exactly what happens. Brittany and Alex is two different people but when their paths cross on their first day of school, neither one of them expect to be close. Brittany Ellis is portrayed as ‘Golden Girl’. The type of girl every girls wants to be. She was on a pom squad and has the perfect boyfriend, basically everything was perfect. Or so everyone thinks. Brittany has put a lot of effort maintaining her image when in reality, Brittany's life is far-fetched from perfect. Her sister has cerebral palsy and Brittany’s parent has put a lot of pressure into her to make up for her sister who’s not being able to do anything. Her senior year was supposed to be the time of her life but then she finds herself partnered with Alex Fuentes, a dangerous gang member from Italy. Alex is the ‘Bad Boy’ of the school. Everyone is afraid of him and no one dares to mess with him and that is because he’s in the gang called, Latino Blood. This was the same gang Alex’s dad was involved in when he was shot. Alex helps and provide for his family, his mom and his two brothers Luis and Carlos. When he’s…show more content…
Alex and Brittany dislike each other but they can’t help feeling the attraction between them. Alex’s friends keeps on giving him crap about how good looking Brit’s were and that he should go for her and so, his friends bet him that he can’t hook up with her before Thanksgiving. Alex tries to get to know her when he accepts a bet from his friends that he can sleep with Brittany before Thanksgiving. Both of them spend and learn each other’s past. The bet that has given to Alex has started to mean something but he can’t be with a girl like Brittany when his life is so dangerous. When the gang life that claimed his father’s life might affect Alex as

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