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Gangs a Plague on Many Youth Gang activities has become an epidemic targeting our Youth in today’s society. “Gang membership is more likely among males, ethnic minority group members, youth from low income and early adolescents”(Brown, Hippensteele and Lawrence). “ Some areas where racism is common and large groups of minority young people feel that they are being held back with no chance of gaining power or material possessions by conventional means(Sexton and Wagner). Although many gang members come from middle and wealthy income families. The Outsiders is based on two different gangs Socs and the Greasers. They are not your typical gang we think of today. The Greasers are the gang that society has them feeling like they are worthless, nothing they do is good enough. Then there is Socs were society thinks they are superior. Areas were gangs are active have devastating effects on communities, fear of public safety, decrease in property value and education is low. “ It turns out, that like violence gang membership is as much a public health problem as a criminal justice problem”(Bad Effects Of Gang Membership Endure). Due to high rate of drug abuse and murder this has made this a true statement.” Gangs are often group of younf people whose promary function is to intimidate,…show more content…
Usually kids that join gangs are trying to feel a specific need in their life. Gang leaders will do whatever it takes to make gang membership attractive. “ The danger of gang membership children find themselves operating because the threats from rivial gangs and outside the protection of law for fear of consewuence because they too sre involved illegal activties”(Brown, Hippensteele, and Lawerence). Gang membership is looking to gain power of self-worth within the group

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