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Urban Outfitters is a popular high-end clothing incorporation that is sweeping the nation with its trendy, hipster, retro and vintage styles. Urban Outfitters provides a cultural outlet for young adults today; a wide variety of products encourage freedom of expression for anyone that shops there. The stores large inventory consists primarily of clothing, shoes, housewares, decorations and more; they have merchandise that appeals to both men and women. In recent news, Urban Outfitters is facing major ridicule for certain products. A vintage Kent State sweatshirt designed with splattered red stains resembling blood is one product that has been receiving the most backlash. Popular stores like Urban, which sell to many young adults today, shouldn’t…show more content…
The shooting involved unarmed college students by the Ohio National guard. The men fired over 50 rounds in 13 seconds. Four students were killed and nine others were wounded, one student was left permanently paralyzed. The devastating incident still brings extreme sorrow to Americans, and most people would concur that it is not a joking matter. Urban’s offensive $129 sweatshirt is only one item among a new line of fashion screw-ups that is being labeled offensive. In the past ten years school shootings have become increasingly prevalent. There are documented shootings all over the world; however, the United States has the highest number of school-related shootings. The Kent State sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters indirectly promotes school shootings, primarily by the number of people who will buy this sweatshirt and wear it all over the country. Sweatshirts are a casual article of clothing, typically worn everywhere and anywhere. The advertising of the university massacre brings with it a sense or normalcy to the incident, which will lessen the severity of school shootings in the minds of adolescents everywhere. Urban Outfitters shouldn’t be allowed to sell such offensive merchandise; nothing positive can come from

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