Advantages Of E-Learning

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ABSTRACT This paper reports about the observations made and knowledge gained through studying and developing an online study material for graduates. Inspired by issues and challenges experienced in developing the online courseware, a model is advanced which has resolved major issues with the older models and online information system (courseware). The benefits of using proposed system for online studying is described in a complete detail in this paper. After going through questionnaire and pilot survey, the findings from our survey confirm the research methodology for developing e-learning a success. The paper concludes with a discussion on the demerits of the existing system, merits of the proposed model in a detailed manner. INTRODUCTION…show more content…
These are the issues I found in the existing e-learning system and going to overcome these issues. PEDAGOGY My research has pointed to the issue of pedagogy as critical to e-learning. E-learning Does not merely replace traditional classroom learning but poses new challenges for how learning can be effectively facilitated and managed. There is a question as to what constitutes effective practice and how pedagogies approaches can cater for the needs of particular subjects, different learners and varying contexts or situations for learning. MULTIMEDIA Instead of the usage of multimedia or multimedia tools most e-learning materials remains essentially text based. As such they do not provide a compelling learning environment and are often dull and inappropriate for learners. The production of compelling learning materials is both a technical and pedagogic issue. SKILLS OF LECTURER AND…show more content…
Teachers and trainers are seen as lacking the skills to apply e-learning and as being hostile to the use of ICT for learning. My research has pointed to the centrality of teachers and trainers to implementing effective learning and pedagogies, especially since blended learning concepts have emerged. CHANGE MANAGEMENT Change management processes are always difficult. If e-learning is to fulfil it’s hoped for potential it will involve very widespread and on-going processes of change at every level of the education and training systems and at institutional level. The management of these change processes requires a policy and strategic approach to e-learning. Many institutions may at present lack the knowledge and expertise to develop such a strategic

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