The Importance Of Cross Cultural Communication

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<Communication> Communication is the act of transmitting message, including information about the nature of relationship to another person who interprets this message and give them meaning. The effective of communication depends on minimizing of distortion that can occurs all the stage of communication process Cross cultural communication is a when a person from one culture sends a message to a person from another culture across-culture miscommunication occurs when the person from second culture does not receive sender’s intended messages. <Culture Influence individual during communication processing> First, the meaning of the message grounded in the personal filed of experiences of the sender which can affect how it is encoded. Encoded message can be…show more content…
When people angry, their communication skill can be impaired. 3) Organization Barriers - Information overload : we are overload with information from all direction,letter, phone-calls,emails,fax effective communicator have to strive harder all the time to get their message heard. - Message completion : message have to compete for attention - Information distortion : taller structure may cause information to be distorted due to misunderstanding information may be misinterpreted - Message filtering- when passing on information manager filter the information and reproduce it - Conflicting message – conflicting message can undermine communications and credibility. Leaders and manager should ensure that their message are consistent. Consistency build credibility make message stronger <Improving cross-cultural communication> 1) Enhance message clarity - State message clearly, slow
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