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“A nations’ culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people.” This is a quote stated by Mahatma Gandhi. Through this phrase, he explained how culture is formed through collection of ideas and phenomena individuals face within everyday lives inside the society. Throughout time, technology has rapidly evolved and now it has made it possible for people to share attitudes, images, ideas, belief systems and perspectives regardless of its location or nationality. In this fast-changing world, the word ‘Popular Culture’ was first used in the 19th century. The basic idea of the term is derived from how much influence it has over people and how widely it is spread. Out of various definitions of popular culture, in this essay I will mainly refer to the two definitions presented by Storey: mass culture and a culture that is widely favored or well-liked by many people (Storey, 2011).…show more content…
Out of many influences one of the most powerful tool that creates formation of popular culture is visualization. Visualization which is a process of representing an object, situation or image into a certain output has been considered as one of the most influential forces that dominate one’s beliefs and values. Without recognizing people tend to believe what they see. It is common for people to be unconsciously influenced by the environment they are surrounded by and to develop their beliefs in a way that is similar with others around them. One of the most powerful tool that has been presented in screens and has been affecting mass population of people is the movie. With different genres, films express social values and naturally grasp a power to form a popular culture. The visual elements of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication and is considered as one of the most influential form of art for educating or indoctrinating

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