Hospitality Industry Case Study

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CURRENT TREND IN HOSPITALITY WITH RELATION TO SALES AND MARKETING. In hospitality sector business, you would like to stay in-sync with the latest trends in the global hotel industry. This is important since trends that are increasingly engaging attention soon can become a standard demand from hotel guests. There is some of the new hotel trends that are making their presence felt across the globe. Hospitality industry reports that, issues that are currently impacting sales and marketing within the hotel industry. This hospitality sector has been transformed over recent years, by advances in technology which in turn have changed consumer’s buying habits. The report begins by discussing the main processes in sales and marketing, and providing…show more content…
Distribution networks in the hospitality industry consist of contractual agreements and loosely organised alliances between independent organizations. In hospitality and travel industry, distribution systems are used to move the customer to the products, the restaurant, the hotel, airplanes. Most reservations are booked with the hotel directly. This includes rooms booked by the sales department, those taken at the front desk and phone calls directly to the hotel. This is followed by which is reservations booked through the brand’s website site, e.g., etc. other sources are voice calls to a central reservation system (CRS), GDS and online travel agents (OTAs. The main focus and priority for any hotelier should be (or has historically been) to sell as much inventory via the most cost effective distribution channels that can generate the most…show more content…
Today, mobile apps are being used as like everything from a digital concierge to accessing data. Geo-location are made, and it easy to sell guests something that is literally right in front of them. In a recent survey by Software Advice, guest’s likes local restaurant and hotel restaurant discounts when looking for deals as well as maps with coupons for other deals. At hotels, now a day they use 1App, which sends guests deals to do everything related to eating, shopping and playing. Additionally, after monitoring guest use of the Internet relative to bandwidth can provide a different data set. Most importantly, when looking at the face of a changing consumer today, the importance of technology innovation is paramount. As most have heard, the Starwood and The Hilton will be having guests check in via mobile phone by

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