Adolescence Physical Development

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Adolescence experienced a tremendous change in physical growth and development. This happen when they reach the prior developmental stage of puberty. Puberty is the time in which a child's sexual and physical characteristics mature. It occurs due to the hormone changes. ( ) Physical Development In girls, breast development is the main sign that she is entering puberty. It will be followed by the start of her menstruation. Before the first menses, a girl will experience growth of pubic, armpit and leg hair.They will also experience changes in body shape and height. Muscles will develop. Body fats will be deposited into the different parts of the body which will form the hour glass shape of a female adult. The hips, buttocks and chest will…show more content…
This changes in the adolescent’s brain will affect the child’s behaviour and social skills. They will begin to develop skills in planning, problem-solving and decision-making. They are now able to analayze situations logically in terms of cause and effect and use symbols, such as in metaphors, imaginatively ( Piaget, 1950). This higher-level thinking enable them to think about the future, assess the alternantives and set their personal goals (Keating, 1990). These will allow the adolescent to engage in mature decision making which was previously beyond their capacity. There is a difference in certain areas of cognitive development of adolescent boys and girls. Girls tend to be more confident in their social skills where as boys tend to be more confident when they participate in sports. They might be thinking differently now but they still need adult guidance in making a rational decision making. As they develop their cognitive skills, the way they behave might be confusing for adults who interact with them. They like to go off on tangents, seeming to argue side issues for no apparent reason and this can be highly frustrating to many adults. (Walker & Taylor, 1991). With their newfound capacities for logical thinking, they will sometimes jump to conclusion (Jaffe, 1998). They are at the satge where they are easily influenced by their peers thus increases the social pressure to be engage in activities such as smoking, alohol and drug abuse and also violence. Being engage in this unhealthy activities are considered brave as to cover their anxiety. They will also take time to accept others perspective as they tend to self-centred (Jaffe, 1998). Adolescent will be emotional as they go through this stages of development. Therefore, emotional support from parents are very

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