The Benefits Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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Standardized testing started in 1845, schools adopted the idea from the military in WWI and used them to measure students ability in the classroom. The last several decades standardized testing has been used to compare states, countries and college bound students. With these tests we can analysis where students are excelling and need improvements. These tests have come across as stressful, unreliable, time consuming and encourage cheating. Those arguments are weak though because they do not apply to every individual. Standardized testing is required because it gives a concrete base, teachers, parents and administration agree with it and we use it to rank students/ districts worldwide. People opposing standardized testing argue that these tests…show more content…
Parents want the best for their children and want to be sure their children are receiving an exceptional education. “75% of parents say standardized tests ‘are a solid measure of their children's abilities’ and 69% say the tests ‘are a good measure of the schools' quality.’ 93% of parents say standardized tests ‘should be used to identify areas where students need extra help.’”(AP-NORC). Parents know best, right? They experienced these test too and know they can be beneficial. When moving parents typically check which school districts there children will be in and they are not going to pick a school where there test scores are underpar. The most important people in students educational lifes are teachers. Teachers, teachers are amazing people that help us develop as people, they are the ones making us ‘book smart’ and preparing us for these standardized tests. Teachers are trained to teach not grade. Teacher-graded assessments are inadequate alternatives to standardized tests because they are subjectively scored and unreliable, “Most teachers are not trained in testing and measurement, and research has shown many teachers ‘consider noncognitive outcomes, including student class participation, perceived effort, progress over the period of the course, and comportment.’”(Richard Phelps). Richard Phelps is a former teacher and has dedicated a huge chunk of his life towards education and writing books about testing. The research he presented about teachers grading with feelings I believe to be true because I personally have experienced it. Now this is a minor example, but once in 8th grade I had to get all 4’s on one of my LPA’s and received two 3’s. I did not know that though until a couple weeks later and I was talking about the LPA with another student and that I had passed, when the teach suddenly butted in. The teacher told me that I received a two 3’s and gave me 4’s because in all my other
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