Physical Development Stages 0-3 Years

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The sequence of a childâ€TMs development can be divided into the following different stages. These are Physical Development, Language and communication, Social and emotional. This is also known as PIES Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Physical development Babies to toddlers 0-3 years- Babies physically develop very quickly, they have built in reflexes from birth such as latching on to feed and sucking. Babies grab objects and pass them between their hands. In their first year they learn to roll, crawl and some walk by their birthday. In their second year they start to walk, or become more confident walkers. They use their hands with more control by pointing and waving hello and goodbye. Formative Years 3-12- As children get older their confidence grows…show more content…
Boys will start to begin puberty whereas many girls already started puberty. Boys and girls heights and strengths are different. Boys body shapes will change as their muscles grow and they develop body hair. Boys also tend to be taller than girls. Language and communication Babies to toddlers 0-3 years -Babies begin to recognise familiar voices very early on. Babies enjoy making sounds and enjoy listening to rhymes. Babies start saying a few words like mama and dada. As they reach 1 years old their vocabulary will increase, and they can join in the actions when singing nursery rhymes. As a child reaches age 2, they will begin to put sentences together. Communication with babies is extremely important as having adult and children contact so early on will help their communication and social skills. Formative Years 3-12- From 3 yearsâ€TM old children start to pick up new words and use them quickly. They will also ask many questions! Between 5 – 7 years old their vocabulary increases to 1500 – 4000 words and they also develop their reading skills. From age 7 spelling and grammar will be more

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