Adolescence Concept

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CONCEPTS Adolescence Adolescence is the age when an individual becomes integrated into the society of adults, the age when the child no longer feels that he/she is below the level of adults but an equal, at least in rights or in other words it is a period of sexual ripeness that transforms a child into biologically mature adults, capable of sexual and reproductive health and the potential consequences of that sexual activity. In this stage, adolescents experience not only physical growth and change but also emotional, psychological, and social change. An adolescent represents a window of opportunity to prepare for a healthy adult life. World Health Organisation (WHO) defines adolescents as the period of life between 10 to 19 years and they…show more content…
Yet adolescents remain a largely neglected population in which their needs are ignored. It is also considered as age of increased risk taking and susceptibility to behavioural problems at the time of puberty and new concerns about reproductive health. Majority of the adolescents still do not have access to information on sexuality, reproduction and sexual reproductive health and rights nor do they have access to preventive and curative services. Meaning Adolescence is obtained from the ‘Latin’ word ‘Adolescere’ meaning “to grow up”. It is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development that generally occurs during the period between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence age begins when the individual attains sexual maturity and it is most closely associated with physical, psychological and social changes. It is divided into three stages and each stage has its own characteristics, which are early adolescence, middle adolescence and late adolescence. It is also a period of human development where individual move from dependency to independence and autonomy to maturity. As per Mabey and Sorensen (1995) a young person…show more content…
In this period individual find revolutionary changes. They start to give up old habits, they acquire a new outlook and they try to enter into adult stage and like to follow them, trying to build new character and personality. There is a instability in their behavior and immaturity decisions. They desire for independence and want to be with their peer group. This can bring conflict with parents and other significant people around them. Usually adolescents enter into social life and try to develop intellectual and technical knowledge, where they are attracted towards media and electronic gadgets. These lead them to search for new information and try to follow them. Here accurate information and developing positive attitude is

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