Adolescence: The Sensitive Phase Of One's Life

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Adolescence is the sensitive phase of one’s life. There are major changes in humans emotionally, physically and socially. Regarding to Pakistani society, it is instructed to evaluate this phase as how an adolescence go through emotional and physical problems? Adolescence is a sensitive phase and there are many physical and emotional changes in an individual during this phase. These changes are as following. Mood swings shows strong feelings and intense emotions at different times. Moods might seem unpredictable. These emotional ups and downs can lead to increased conflict. Your child’s brain is still learning how to control and express emotions in a grown-up way. More sensitivity is more sensitive to your emotions: young people…show more content…
Teenagers’ stomachs and intestines increase in size, and they need an increase in energy, proteins and minerals. Foods with plenty of calcium and iron are particularly important at this age to support bone growth and blood circulation. Sleep patterns Sleep patterns change, with many children starting to stay awake later at night and then sleeping until later in the day. Also, the brain re-sets the body clock during puberty. Children going through puberty need more sleep than they did just before puberty started. You’re not alone in feeling like it’s hard to get your child to school on time! Hygiene Sweat glands in the armpits are activated for the first time during puberty, and this can lead to increased body odour. Encourage your child to wash daily and wash clothes regularly. All children need to wash their genital area. For uncircumcised boys, washing under the foreskin is also important. Using an antiperspirant deodorant can also

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