13-18 Adolescent Development

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Within this research paper the reader will read about the Development of an Adolescent between the ages of 13-18. Child development is a critical factor to consider when parenting children. Stages of development are challenging for parents they have to provide support and guidance meet the child’s needs at different points of life. Adolescence is a time of concentrated physical, sexual, emotional, social and cognitive maturity. There are many physical, cognitive and emotional changes occurring during this phase of development. Normal healthy development may not happen on a regular schedule according to (Termini, 2014) . Adolescents go through physical changes that create self-consciousness, sensitivity and they worry about the changes of…show more content…
It is uncommon for individuals in a group to act Although the thirteen to eighteen year old continues to adjust to their changing bodies, sexual identity becomes more stable during the mid to later years of adolescence. During later stages, cliques are less important and are replaced by close friendships with individual peers and romantic interests. Intimate relationships become more serious and are characterized by feelings of love and passion. Affection and sensual love intensifies. The older adolescent looks toward their intimate partner to share kindness and compassion as well as their fears. Popularity can still be an important matter. In the early years of adolescence, young adults often explore some degree of resistance and rebellion. They may express oppositional and negative behaviors. Emotional extremes are also common. Teenagers are rather temperamental, experiencing and reacting to emotions intensely. Teens may have emotional outbursts, mood swings, and lose control of their emotions quite easily. They may feel the effects of peer pressure, be unsure about how they fit in and use poor judgment as a result. In the later years of adolescence, a teenager’s emotional steadiness increases, emotion management occurs while concern and empathy for others arise. In later adolescence, cognitive development, advanced and abstract reasoning skills

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